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Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has been in existence since 1993 and has succeeded in transforming fragmented assets into a world-class, profitable state-owned company that is run along commercial lines.


ACSA has just completed its most ambitious infrastructure capacity development programme. Five years ago, ACSA embarked on this R17 billion programme which would generally improve capacity and service offerings at its network of airports. These improvements coincided with our country being awarded the hosting rights for the 2010 FIFA World Cup tournament.


The R2,2 billion Central Terminal Building at O.R. Tambo International Airport has been completed. It is the final building block in a complete redevelopment of the terminal precinct that was commenced more than 10 years ago. The terminal precinct at Cape Town International Airport has also undergone a complete transformation and Durban’s new R6,8 billion King Shaka International Airport has been completed and was commissioned on 2 May 2010 as planned without any major hassles.


The smaller airports in the airport network are not neglected as they are seen as an integral part of the overall aviation network. ACSA has therefore completed runway revamp and terminal expansion at Bloemfontein International, a terminal upgrade at East London runway refurbishment at Port Elizabeth as well as terminal upgrades and expansions at Kimberley and Upington. 







Accountable to the Minister of Transport, SAMSA was established on 1 April 1998 in terms of the South African Maritime Safety Authority Act 5 of 1998. SAMSA is governed by a Board made up of the CEO and six non-executive members, including the Chair and Deputy Chair, as appointed by the Minister.


The organisation’s objective is to lead and champion South Africa’s maritime interests as custodians and stewards of maritime policy, vigorous promoters of the maritime sector and giving full and complete effect to our obligations for the benefit of all stakeholders.



The Authority championing South Africa’s global martime ambitions.



To promote South Africa’s maritime interests and development and position the country as an international Maritime Centre while ensuring maritime safety, health and enviromental protection.


In line with its objectives, as stated in Section 3 of the SAMSA Act, the organisation’s primary areas of responsibility include:

  • Participating in the development and implementation of national and international maritime safety and marine environment protection standards;
  • Enforcing technical and operational standards for all shipping operations in South African waters and for

South African ships anywhere, to promote responsible operations in terms of seaworthiness, safety and pollution prevention;

Enforcing training standards and competency of seafarers; Managing the national capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies; Operating the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre to coordinate maritime assistance services and to detect, and coordinate the location and rescue of people in maritime distress situations throughout the internationally agreed South African Search and Rescue Region; Overseeing the provision of maritime distress and safety communications services to discharge South Africa’s responsibilities under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System;

Administering South Africa’s voluntary ship reporting system (SAFREP) for identifying and tracking ships at sea for safety purposes and to provide a ships’ database for responding to marine emergencies; Investigating maritime casualties;and Delivering related services including:

  • Public awareness and education in marine safety and pollution prevention
  • Administration of South Africa’s ship registration system
  • Publication of, and access to, ship safety and environmental standards

SAMSA delivers four main outputs consistent with its mandate and responsibilities:

Safety and environment protection standards for responsible maritime transport operations; An infrastructure for monitoring and enforcing compliance with safety and environment protection standards; The capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies; and The capability to detect, locate and rescue people in maritime distress situations.


kzn transport logo




KwaZulu-Natal Province Department of Transport has the following vision, mission, and strategic objectives:





This means that all activities of the Department and the manner in which the Department delivers services to communities

will increase the wealth and quality of life to all citizens of the province.



‘We will provide the public with a safe, integrated, regulated, aff ordable and accessible transportation system, and ensure that, in delivering on our mandate, we meet the developmental needs of our province.’

We will promote transparent and accountable government, plan in accordance with the needs of our customers, and ensure effective, efficient and transparent delivery of services through the appropriate involvement of the public and through regular and accurate reporting.’


Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives of the Department are as follows:

- Improving and ensuring road and public transport safety;

- Developing the people, the economy and the infrastructure of KwaZulu-Natal;

- Institutionalising public participation and strengthening democratic governance;

- Facilitating rural development, reducing poverty and inequality, and ensuring an infrastructure balance;

- Facilitating the growth and development of the road construction industry in KwaZulu-Natal, so as to be fully representative

of the demographic profi le of the province; and

- Ensuring fi nancial accountability, value-based resource management, and development of integrated management Systems



tolplan logo nepad 




Tolplan is an independent South African company of professional engineers and financial and information technology professionals who offer a variety of specialised toll road management and engineering consulting and information technology services. The full-time core personnel of the company amounts to about 40.


The mission of Tolplan is to provide innovative, comprehensive and cost-effective toll consulting services and solutions to toll authorities and concessionaires.


Tolplan has great experience in the creative application of non-stop electronic toll collection technology to achieve a reduction of toll-related capital, operating and maintenance costs and/or a toll plaza capacity increase.


Its expertise also extends to cost-effective conceptual detailed design of control centres with centralised remote supervision of satellite plazas by using technological aids such as voice, video and data communication by means of fibre-optic or other links (instead of independent toll plazas with multiple supervisory staff and facilities).


A toll facilities operational philosophy and plan, taking into consideration traffi c, toll collection, information, financial and maintenance management, is prepared as the point of departure for all facility design.


The services rendered since 1982 in the fi eld of toll roads, both in South Africa and internationally by Tolplan cover all phases of toll projects from the project viability phase through the implementation phase to the operational phase. Tolplan have considerable international experience having been involved in toll projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and South





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The World Water Council is an international multi-stakeholder platform. It was established in 1996 on the initiative of renowned water specialists and international organisations in response to an increasing concern about world water issues from the global community.


The World Water Council’s mission is “to promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, including the highest decision-making level, to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the

benefit of all life on earth”.


By providing a platform to encourage debates and exchanges of experience, the Council aims to reach a common strategic vision on water resources and water services management among all stakeholders in the water community. In the process the Council also catalyses initiatives and activities whose results converge toward its flagship product, the World Water Forum.


 gibb logo final



GIBB is an undisputed leader on the African continent for infrastructure planning and delivery. Our multi-disciplinary engineering and science services, developed over half a century of unreserved commitment to sustainable growth, have become industry benchmarks for ingenuity and excellence. Renowned for our professionalism, reliability and cost-effective technological solutions, GIBB has developed solid national and international associations with companies in the public and private sector to grow the potential of Africa.



GIBB’s head office is located in Sunninghill, Johannesburg. We have offices in every major city in the country, which enables us to become closely involved with every aspect of South Africa’s recent rapid development. GIBB’s professionalism and reputation for ingenuity and excellence have attracted and retained a highly proficient skills-base recognised for our ability to devise the most pertinent and sustainable solutions for the country’s specific urban and rural challenges.



GIBB’s extensive network of technical excellence encompasses East and West Africa and most member countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), including Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria and Swaziland. This has created wide-ranging operational infrastructure, world-class systems and a highly skilled workforce

which have established GIBB as a preferred strategic partner in sub-Saharan Africa with local and international companies in both the private and public sector.



city of joburg




SOUTH Africa is one of the world’s largest emerging economies and offers not only access to a population of 49,3-million internally, but also to the 1-billion people of Africa.


Johannesburg is the economic capital of South Africa and Africa’s most powerful economy, generating some 17 percent of SA’s wealth, with a growth rate higher than that of the national economy.


It is the gateway to Africa.


As the continent’s economic hub, it’s the place where business starts. Joburg ranked No 1 Africa and No 11 globally as best emerging market centre of commerce (2008 MasterCard survey).


The rate of return on FDI is higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world (2009 African Economic Outlook) and Joburg is enjoying a substantial percentage of all investment. It is a primary business city, a dynamic centre of production, innovation,

trade, fi nance and services.



csir logo 2 



The CSIR is one of the leading scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisations in Africa. Constituted by an Act of Parliament in 1945 as a science council, the CSIR undertakes directed and multidisciplinary research, technological innovation as well as industrial and scientific development to improve the quality of life of the country’s people.


The CSIR is committed to supporting innovation in South Africa to improve national competitiveness in the global economy. Science and technology services and solutions are provided in support of various stakeholders, and opportunities are identified where new technologies can be further developed and exploited in the private and public sectors for commercial and social benefit.


The CSIR’s shareholder is the South African Parliament, held in proxy by the Minister of Science and Technology.


mott macdonald



Mott MacDonald is a global management, engineering and development consultancy with a £1 billion business of unrivalled diversity spanning 140 countries. World-wide we have over 14,000 staff working in all sectors from transport, energy, buildings, water and the environment to health and education, industry and communications.


Mott MacDonald’s African operations are fully supported by four sub-regional hubs, with work in 39 countries and over 1000 people across the continent. Our breadth of skills, sectors, services and global reach makes us one of the world’s top players in delivering management, engineering, PPP and development solutions for public and private sector customers.


We use our world-wide resources, regional expertise and experience to:

• Plan, design, procure and deliver projects of any type on any scale

• Provide management consultancy built on technical know-how

• Help shape and implement development policies and programmes

• Advance sustainability and promote the wellbeing of the planet


At Mott MacDonald we adopt a holistic approach to project development using our complete spectrum of skills covering all stages of the development cycle – right from preparing the business case and advising on related issues to devising and implementing the solution and providing ongoing support. Our total service offering incorporates all aspects of project and

programme management and management consultancy plus construction economics.

As a multi-sector professional-services provider, our planning, advisory, technical and management activities also encompass the social and institutional dimensions of development, including health and education.


For more information, please contact:

Howard Bate

Managing Director

+27 (0) 87 310 5000 



KPMC is a niche BEE project management and engineering company, specialising in combining the practicalities of mining, the challenges of logistics and the volumes of bulk materials handling with innovative solutions and experience in order to provide a complete “peace of mind” project experience to our clients.


We pride ourselves on vast knowledge of operations from PIT to PORT and in addition to the specialist engineers at our disposal, we have global associates bringing world class solutions, all with experience in the following fields:

• Project Management

• Mining

• Minerals Beneficiation .

• Logistics

• Bulk Materials handling


















Pragma is a leading Physical Asset Management services company, operating in Africa, South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Our slogan is Operate at your Optimum, which embodies our promise to all asset owners and caretakers who partner with us. In order to address the unique requirements and circumstances of different asset-intensive industries we offer our services in four distinct formats: 


  • Our flagship offering is an outsourced service, called the Asset Care Centre (ACC), whereby a Pragma technical team manages and administers an organisation’s maintenance activities. The ACC operates according to a set of predefined business processes and best practices, called The Pragma Way. This service is supported by state-of-the-art information systems to convert day-to-day data into management information according to agreed KPI reports.
  • Our asset management consulting operation, Pragma Acuity, provides global advisory and strategic consulting services to multi-national and large asset owners. Most assignments include a benchmarking assessment of the organisation’s asset management maturity using our unique AMIP framework. The results are analysed to identify the key improvement opportunities and develop a long-term asset management policy and strategy. The consulting process and methodologies utilised are aligned with the international PAS 55 asset management standard.
  • For customers who prefer to be self-sufficient, we provide our best-of-breed Enterprise Asset Management System, On Key. It was developed specifically to support asset management business processes and best practices, and also forms the basis of our ACC service. The latest release of On Key is web-based, making use of the latest information technology to provide customers greater flexibility and data velocity.
  • Our specialised training courses have educated a large number of asset management practitioners over the years to take better care of their assets. The Pragma Academy in South Africa offers these courses as Seta-accredited onsite or public training. 

Visit us on www.pragmaworld.net.






















Envirolight, the light of choice for energy savings, durability and excellent light quality, uses the latest technology in its patented high-impact reflectors to optimise light distribution and light quality. It is manufactured by Lumotech (formerly Hella), the largest lighting manufacturer in Africa, whose product range includes energy efficient public street lighting, warehouse lighting and security lighting.




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