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NRV management Solutions is a black owned and managed Investment Company established in 2006. Our investment activities are categorised under the following: Telecomms, Information Technology, Energy, Transportation(Automation) and Strategic Investments.

As a black owned and managed company operating in a transforming South Africa, NRV is proud to be doing business and contributing to the transformation of the economy and society during a period of great and positive change on the African continent


To be a leading African investment company that creates value and makes a difference.

We want to achieve this by:

Being innovative and exceeding stakeholder expectations
Embracing diversity
Focusing on sound robust investments
Understanding our stakeholders’ needs and delivering on them
Ensuring sustainability and good corporate citizenship 
The Group’s Operating Strategy is based on three fundamental principles:

Autonomy of individual subsidiaries under strong, entrepreneurial, experienced and decentralised operational management;
Leadership and support from a small team of corporate executives; and
Strong financial management and operating systems at subsidiary level, with a focus on corporate governance 
These principles are carried into effect throughout the Group, with individual subsidiary directors having full responsibility for the
operational performance and strategic development of their respective businesses. Intervention from head office is assessed on a regular
basis in terms of a balanced set of performance

Driving Simulators

NRV and Eco Faros SAS France have partnered in order to allow distribution of driving simulators within SADC region.

ECA FAROS is part of Finuchem Group of France. ECA FAROS has a turnover of Euro 65 million and employee
strength of 615 people in its 10 subsidiary groups. Its operations are in the field of Robotics and Simulations for Aviations,
Marine and Auto applications.

ECA has been a significant player for Research & Development in the field of robotic equipment for last 30 years.
The field of ECA's expertise involves mechanical, hydraulic, electronic and information engineering and design;
permitting the company to conceive and fabricate high end customer specific robotic equipment for civilian and
military use.

Simulation group has been in business of design and manufacturing of aviation, marine and auto simulators for civilian
and military applications, for last 20 years. It has six independent companies spread over USA, Italy and France,
and sells its products under the brand names of Faros, Wicat, S.S.I. , Sinapse, Behring, Sindel and Elan Training
Equipment (E.T.E.). The company is headquartered in Lannion, France.

Why simulators?

The simulation which was formerly reserved for very technical and expensive activities (i.e. aeronautics) is
now available for formation of general public.

Progress of computers makes it possible today to produce driving simulators at an affordable and accessible
price for Driving Schools.

What is a simulator?

A Simulator is a device which places individuals in a situation which resembles to real driving. The individual
controls the commands which are the same as those of a real car.

With the development of the computer-generated image, it is from now on possible to recreate a complete
environment (road, indication, vehicles...) entirely interactive. The computer recreates an entirely virtual
landscape and vehicles: the learner driver can then move in this universe with complete freedom.

Key Objectives

Why bring a simulator to the training of an activity as complex as the driving of a vehicle?

It decreases the anxiety of pupil; the training is better than in real situations which sometimes are stressful.
It visualizes situations which one cannot see while driving (skidding of the clutch for example).
Because the driving environment is entirely controlled, it makes it possible to concentrate on one’s teaching
objectives at one time.
It makes it possible to follow a progression established in advance and to evaluate the assets in a methodical
It makes it possible to put the pupil in not very frequent situations so that the pupil is unable to omit in
his/her formation on road.
It is without risk and thus authorizes the experimentation of dangerous situations.
The simulator makes it possible to save time.

For certain unpleasant aspects of the formation, like the training of the commands or the acquisition of certain reflexes,
it permits the teacher to spend more time on other more behavioural aspects (responsibility with respect to the other users, security)


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